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In 2016, I realised that to establish practices which affect real conservation results in time frames that address challenges before they become irretrievable, conservationist need to be more innovative, flexible and collaborative in their approach than we have traditionally been. My solution to this was to become an Independent Ecological Consultant, able to work where and when I was required and, crucially, with all stakeholders and not just the ones my views were aligned with and in 2017 I started LRC Wildlife Conservation. As a conservation scientist I believe we should always be asking the key question ‘How can people and wildlife coexist?’

As a professional Conservation and Ecology Consultant, I am committed to providing the necessary guidance you need in order to take action. From making strategic decisions to understanding what your logical next steps are, I’m here to guide you through any and all processes. With my help, your plans will be realised in no time. I possess a determination and enthusiasm for my work which enables me to operate in challenging locations, with limited budgets and restrictive time frames while completing my objectives in a professional manner and to a high standard. I bring these qualities and more to all my clients and projects.


Innovative Ecology Consulting

I offer a variety of services customised to fit your specific needs. Are you a large organisation looking for a step-by-step plan of action? Or, are you are a small NGO just starting out? No matter what your needs are, I am here to provide you with guidance every step of the way. Take a look below to see what I can do for you.

Take a look around my site and get in touch to book a consultation meeting.


Extensive experience in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of landscape scale ecological and community based projects.

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In depth knowledge of multiple wildlife censusing techniques and analysis to fit any project no matter the geographic location or scale.


Working knowledge on multi stakeholder engagement which enables a combined bottom up and top down to maximise project effectiveness and long-term viability.

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Expert knowledge and first hand experience of the complexities of human-wildlife conflict which provides the perfect base to determine the cause and, in turn, the solutions required.


Adaptability in writing styles is key when engaging multiple audiences. Your project will benefit from professionally written project proposals and scientific reports and articles for social media, magazines and blogs.

Legal Research and Writing
Globalization concept


Creative and dynamic thinking is essential in the success of modern conservation projects. From development of citizen science and mobile Apps. to drones and the application and effectiveness of the latest technology. All of these elements will be brought together to ensure maximum effectiveness of your project.


  • Undertaken research across East and Southern Africa

  • Developed and executed community-based projects

  • Strategic planning

  • Fundraising / Grant applications

  • Multiple stakeholder collaborations

  • Working knowledge on multiple species and global conservation issue

  • Human-Wildlife Conflict coordinator

  • Fieldwork and project management

  • Logistics planning and execution

  • Scientific / General / Media writing

  • Budget and time management

  • Multi-cultural experience

  • Creation and development of corporate partnership

  • Citizen Science projects concept and execution

  • Capacity building, education + workshop coordinator

  • Camera trapping, Questionnaire, GPS collars - survey design, execution & analysis

  • Department manager / team leader

  • Excellent communication (verbal/written)

  • Software packages: PRESENCE, GIS, Microsoft Office, WildID, R, CameraBase

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